Wine Tour

Wine Tour

Special Tour

Day 1

Breakfast. Inspection of Gelati temple and Motsameta church. Visit in Sataplia and Prometheus caves. Weindegustation in Kutaisi (house wine, wine of Qvevri). Dinner. Overnight in Kutaisi.

Day 2
Breakfast. Shato Mukhrani, Mtskheta. MTSKHETA (old capital of Georgia) - one of the oldest town of the world and the country Georgia (in the province of Kartli in Ostgeorgia), about 20 kilometres from the north of Tbilissi with the confluence of the rivers of Aragvi and Kura. Running time — 30-minute, visit Svetitskhoveli cathedral (9th century) & closter of Jvari - georgian orthodox closter of the 6th century close to Mtskheta (world heritage side), Mtskheta-Mtianeti area, the Ostgeorgia. The name is translated as the closter of the cross. Weindegustation by Shato Mukhrani. Dinner and overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 3
Breakfast. Samtavisichurch, Ubisa church, Makatubani. Excursion to Samtavisichurch and Ubisa closter. Weindegustation and dinner in Makatubani. Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 4
Breakfast. The inspection of the rock town. Weindegustation and lunch. City tour in Tbilisi. Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 5
Breakfast. Excursion to Kakheti. Visit to ,,Schuchmann wines Georgia. The inspection of the wine factory and the wine cellar. Weindegustation and dinner. Overnight in Kisiskhevi.

Day 6
Breakfast. Nekressi closter and Khareba Winery. The inspection of the Nekressi cloister and visit Khareba Winery. Weindegustation and dinner. Overnight in Kacheti.

Day 7
Breakfast. Jakeli Winery Khashmi, Shumi cellar. Wine test in Jakeli wines Khashmi. Wine test in Shumi cellar and lunch. Dinner and overnight in Signagi.

Day 8
Breakfast. Racha. Trip to Westgeorgia. Inspection of Nikortsminda cathedral, excursion to Khvanchkara region. Winetest and dinner in Racha.

Day 9
Breakfast. Excursion on the mountain Khvamli. Dinner and overnight in Kutaisi. Khvamli or Khomli is a limestone massif in Westlgeorgia which lies on the territories of town districts of Tsageri and Tsqaltubo. The high of the Felses is 2,002 metres (6,568 ft). This is a huge limestone massif. "Khvamli" is a relatively new name. In the past it was known as "a Khomli" which, according to the dictionary of Sulkhan Sheba Orbeliani, „a collecting of stars“ means. After the Ancient Greek legend, Zeus Prometheus has tied up in this rock. The Georgian historian and geographer of the 18th century Vakhushti Batonishvili writes: „To the west of the river Rioni there is on the foot of a mountain a high Khomli rock which reaches up to stars.“ In an old Georgian chronicle Kartlis Tskhovreba the massif is described as the treasury of the Georgian kings. If different conquering Georgia looted, Khvamli rock was always a solution. The Georgian treasure was saved there.

Day 10

Flight from Kutaisi incl. tax and fees, in econom Class 1 - 1 luggage piece to max. 23 kg per person 1 hand luggage piece to max. 7 kg per person, transfer achievements according to travel course, certified english-speaking guide from our agency.

Transport according to program proposal incl. entrance fees.

9 overnight = 3 overnights in good middle class hotels in Tbilisi, 2 overnights in Kutaisi, 1 overnight at the very good hotel Shuchmann weins Georgia, 2 overnights in Kakheti. 1 overnight in Racha.
9x breakfast,
2x dinner
9x supper
9x Lunchbox
9x Weindegustation of 18 different wine kinds.
A bottle of water per day per person.